Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring, A New Fence, and VJ!

Spring has finally sprung here in Alabama! To take advantage of the season and the warmer weather, we had a new wooden fence put up. This keeps VJ from running into the street and localizes the mischief he creates! He loves the tire swing and playing with Katy and Noah on the playset.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Learning to use a spoon.

We got rid of VJ's highchair and he now sits in his booster seat right up at the table with the rest of us. We've also started having him use a spoon to feed himself! He took to it right away. Here he is enjoying some of our family favorites: lentil stew, spaghetti, and salmon and rice with raw carrots. Can you tell which is which?

Puss in Boots Play

Joelle, a dear friend of Katy's, played Dwarf Number Six in the play Puss in Boots put on by the Children's Fantasy Playhouse. Nana was also up for the weekend and we all enjoyed the play!

Early Works American History Museum

Mom took the kids to the museum where Noah enjoyed sweeping out the country store, Katy churned some butter, and VJ protected Katy and the wagon from wild Indians!

Katy and Noah Spaced Out!!

Dad took Katy and Noah to the Space and Rocket Center on President's Day. They were able to see the new Saturn V exhibit. It was very impressive.

V.J. and his little friend Benjamin

V.J. has his little friend Benjamin. Benjamin likes to come play with him, every other week on Tuesday. Mommy and Benjamin's mom chit chat while VJ and Benjamin play.