Saturday, February 26, 2011

Space Shuttle Discovery's last launch to the Space Station

Discovery ready for lift-off!

pulled-out view

Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)

5-4-3-2-1 : BLAST OFF of Space Shuttle Discovery,
serving the United States faithfully, as has
it's crew. This is Discovery's last mission.
( I made that up..but not the last mission part)

the launch pad after lift off
Dad went to see the Space Shuttle Discovery lift off from the Kennedy Space Center on Thursday. He left on Wednesday, and came back yesterday. To all you folks out there: traveling with no kids is slow you down ( and yes, it's true..they got down there to Orlando in one day, and when we went down there it took 2 days). Anyway, they got to see Discovery lift off, and we got to watch it on video Thursday night. Here is a link to see it if you want to:
We've seen it go off once, as a family, but that was at night. I will post a couple of pictures of that launch back in 2008 or whenever it was, in the next post.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Homemade Applesause

Here is our picture-and-recipe mix for our homemade applesauce. The ingredients are:
apples (I don't remember how many we used, but I'm guessing about 5-8), cinnamon, and honey.

Cut up the apples ( do it into slices/chunks), and
put them into a pot with some water

Add honey ( I did about a spoonful, but Mom had to add
some later on...just how much you think is enough),
and cinnamon.

Mix well, and put on high

When mixture bubbles, turn down ( we did it to low)
and put a lid on it. Mom checked it a bit later,
and said it was done ( and she also added a bit more
honey). It's probably good to check and taste to make
sure you don't burn it.