Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers' Day

I know this is kinda late, but I didn't feel like posting yesterday. Sorry, Dad, for this funny, corny pic... ;)...but I totally thought it'd be perfect! BTW, I did put it in blue, cause it's your favorite color. to the point. Happy Fathers' Day to all you dads. Dad got a froggy card, from me, Noah, and VJ, and I'm not sure if he got a card from Mom...don't remember. His gift was a delicious one, and I totally agree: 3 Toblerones, a Swedish chocolate. He said it's famous all over in the Asian part of this world. I really like it.

All for now,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stuff 2 tell

This is going to be a quicky post. I do have some things to tell y'all.

1~ We finally got my A & P ( sorry i can't spell them right) book, for science this fall! I've been waiting for it, for months, and I really wanted to look through it, but Mom insisted that she look through it first. If it makes her happy, might as well do it. " Don't want to upset the Lone Granger." BTW, that was from the book Frindle by Andrew Clements.

2~ I went to my second bridal shower. It was for our babysitter, who is getting married in July. I think this was her 3rd shower or something. She's really nice, and for those of you who go to our church , Valley Presbyterian, she goes there. She and her soon-to-be husband closed on a house in Pensacola, Florida. She said it's VERY close to the beach, but it's got oil, so they can't go to that part. But she can go to the bay side, and play there.
p.s. I will give info on church later on.

3~ The Maxwell Family is coming to Madison on Sept. 24th or something like that!! We do follow their blog ( and I've always wanted to meet them! Mom did go to one of their conferences, in Athens, when they came here, and that's where she got Sarah's books, The Moody Family series. I just gave you the link to their blog, but also check out this link: That's their website.

4~ I really don't know!!

More later...and I'll also try to get pictures on here.


Friday, June 18, 2010

God anwers prayers.

As some of you know, Noah is going to a Summer Reading Camp, at this expensive school in S. Huntsville, near the Lincoln Village School. It's a 25 minute drive, and for us, in Madison, it's a long drive. As we were getting in the car, going to drive back from picking up Noah for camp, earlier in the week, this lady with the little girl come up to Mom and said, ( I'm going to use different names from their real names for safety reasons)" I see you have three kids. Do you happen to know Julia Orz?" Mom goes," Yes, we do." The lady said, " Well, I'm the grandma, and she told me to look for you. I already asked another lady, with three kids, and she had no idea of Julia. " Mom introduced herself, and us kids, and the lady said, " My name is Karen, and this is Kayla," Mom replied, " Where do you live?" Mrs. Karen said, " Wood creek Dr." ( a made up street). Mom: " That's close to us!" Mrs. Karen: " Do you want to carpool?" And Mom's all excited, and said, "YES!!!!" So they exchanged addresses, and now we picked up 6 yr. old Kayla, this past week, and Mrs. Karen picked up both, and dropped off Noah here. Next week, Mrs. Karen does the pick up and drop at school thing, and we do the pick up after school thing.
The bad thing of this is that everyone ( minus Dad) gets up at 6 am, which is totally not normal for VJ, Noah and me. I guess Mom is used to it, since she probably did it as a kid,while in school.

God does answers prayers! Amazing!! :)

My ears aren't infected, thank God! I've been cleaning them,, morning and night and they look really healthy! Only three more weeks to go, after tomorrow! Then I can wear different kids, but no long, heavy, big dangles.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Swim lessons!

We've had almost one week of swim lessons already. It was Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.When we went today, and Noah's class had already started, there was thunder, so the kids had to get out, and we had to get off the pool deck. my class is after Noah's, at 9:45am, and my class was canceled. They are both for tomorrow, but we are going to Dad's work, for Take Our Children To Work Day. I'll ask Dad if I can bring the camera, to take some pictures.

Noah is going to miss next week's swimming lessons. He has a summer reading program,and he is going to that. I'm still going to swim lessons ( they are SO fun), after we drop off Noah. It is another Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

We have gone swimming a lot, and it's been good for Noah's arm,which is gettig stronger by the minute.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun! :)

We've had so much fun, swimming,and just enjoying the sunshine,and spring these past few weeks. We've gone swimming quite a few times, lately, and it's been really fun. We go to Dublin, the indoor pool, for now, because you can swim laps, and the outdoor pool gets way to crowded,and it's just for fun.
I will take a picture of my and the square-foot gardens, when I get a chance. We've got plenty of veggies planted: lettuce, radishes, spinach, beans, and then more beans, marigolds,tomatoes,peppers, dill, and a few others, that I don't remember. I am steamed about our garden this year. Peas are one of my two favorite veggies ( corn is the other one... I LOVE it), and Dad said we could plant some. Well, we didn't. Dad said that we couldn't, because it went from cold to warm/hot, all of a sudden. It's was such a good bribe to get VJ into his car seat, if he wasn't behaving... :(
More later...