Sunday, August 22, 2010

Doulbe Digits!!

Happy 10th Birthday, Noah! I know I haven't put pictures on yet, but 1) we're busy with school and everything 2) Dad hasn't loaded up pictures for me, because the party was less than an hour ago. I'll try to get some on soon. Maybe next weekend.

The party was fine, and we all enjoyed the cake. :) Even though Mom and I had a misunderstanding, and I put it in the big, 9x13inch pan, and it wasn't still turned out fine!! Yes, you can guess who was cooking and Noah, while Mom was playing with VJ outdoors. Still, it turned out well!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day

I will post pictures later, when Dad or I get them on the computer, but for now, I will say, that the first day of school(from my side) was not bad at all. I was done before 9 :30am. Getting up at 3:53am with a bad nosebleed and back to bed at around 4:30am or staying awake till 5:10am or so , on account so that I wouldn't end up with a lot of blood on my pillow, and sleeping on and off was morning action. Good thing about waiting till 5:10am: I got to listen to 88.1 and hear what happens when Brant comes on. He was telling about this book, the title like" How to Find Something Lost " or so, and all these tips to find something lost: 1. Don't look for it. 2. What ever it is, it isn't lost; you are. 3. Remember the three C's: be comfortable,calm and confident. 4. Sit down, and have a cup of coffee/tea ( just to name 4)....I don't know....I'll have to try it out...
Another nosebleed started around 6am, and Mom and I had to control that too. Noah was off to GreenGate by 7:45am, and we got home around 8:15am or so...along with 4 chicken biscuits from Chick-fli-a.
Having your math and grammar done ahead of time, really helps! All I had to do was A&P, Vocab, and a little of Maps & Geography. Plus playing guitar...
I figured out ( myself) how to play the notes of Be Thou My Vision! Totally kool(cool)!


Monday, August 2, 2010

School ALREADY?!?!?!'s already starting up next week?! A week from today?! I really can't believe it! I guess I need to have some "end of summer" plans....

VJ has a new toy, a little tractor, who's "dumper" really dumps. VJ loves it...and he's not the only one. Noah and I have been really attached to it...until when Noah was riding it around the bumpy backyard, it stopped, and I had to tell him that it was to heavy. Then VJ rode it around, and it worked! Guess we are putting on weight...and height! I'm already at least 5 ft 1 in....according to the pool depth. Part of my forehead is above water in the 5ft end.....I'm really growing! I suppose I'll be able to drive at the right time!!..and not be too short! I'm almost as tall as our pastor's wife, and a little taller than my friend Bradley...I'm not a shortie anymore, that's for sure!!!