Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oh, my! You should see how hard school has been these past few days! It's not a favorite for me, but I guess I can't back out of it. And it's no backing out of math, in our house. Whew! Dad's little motto thing ( for our school) is " If you can't do anything, do math." He's that serious about math! But it's getting easier on me, too. If I learn it, the other stuff gets easier, because the thing I learned before, some how ends up in the thing I'm doing now. I also found out ( funny because I just found out a few weeks ago) that if I don't complain about my school and chores, it goes by faster. That's been helpful, and God's help, too. If I think wanting to go outside and play, and then that I have to finish school, then I can make it go by faster by not complaining. I think that piece of info is really motivating.........don't you?

Good news: Mom's drawings really help in my health book( we are going back to my science book, though, cause the health book, is hard a bit for me) . She drew this little heart ( my health chapter was about the heart, blood& bloodstream what all of it does), and traced with a pencil how the blood flows through the heart, gets oxygen, comes back to the heart, and then pumps throughout the body. I think her drawings really help! They are super cool!! I guess I need her to teach me to draw!

Need to go! Sorry!

Friday, January 22, 2010

rest of the pictures

Here are the rest of the photos I haven't been able to put on here:

Noah looking at a train.

Dad and VJ, very interested.

Little boys do get tired, but this little guy

thought it would be easier to lay down to play

with the new toy.

That's it. I really liked that train thing, but I didn't really want to admit it because...well.. trains aren't my thing.

By the way, we are getting over our sicknesses. VJ still has a virus or whatever. Noah and I were well enough to go to LCA today( Life Christian Academy). It's great, but you feel like you are in a real school( like Columbia or Horizon Elementary). I get homework in Art, Alabama History, and Chorus, those are my classes. Noah gets homework too.

Got to go.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


A sick house is what our house had been. First of all, VJ had a fever and what Mom thought was a virus. Then last Sunday, Noah got it; and it was really sad for him because he couldn't go to the U.S.S. Alabama with Dad on his Bear Cub Scout trip. Then, Sunday night I felt bad, and I was feverish( along with Noah) tired, and it was plain that our house was a sick house. Now Mom thinks we had the flu. So on Tuesday( we didn't do school cause Mom needed to finish up records for a check- which had a mix-up), Mom sent VJ to preschool, but he came home at 1pm and his teachers had said he had green stuff out his nose, and sure enough; Mom checked his temp: 103.00. We went to the doctor's on Wednesday, Mom got VJ in and then my ears were hurting and she got the doctor to look at me too. Our appointment was at 10:40 am, but our doctor is very busy, so we ended up in the room at around 12 or so,( we had waited in the car, because of all the sickness of other kids in the waiting room.). Dr. T said that VJ has a virus and to just wait it out( just the thing Mom could have done, but we really want to have him in preschool). I have an ear infection. Mom told me afterwards that we had gone to the doctor's for nothing, but I said no, my ear infection.
Dinner time!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Pictures from the Botanical Gardens....

Here are the other pictures Mom took from the Botanical Gardens. I don't have every single one of them, but these are the best ones, I thought:

VJ stands on a step-stool and looks on at the running train

I'm sure some of you all have seen the movie Cars

Do you see the little trucks as Mater and the Tipped Tractors

I'll have to put the rest on later.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Before Christmas... the Botanical Garden

I forgot to mention this, but before Christmas we we went to the Botanical Garden, they had the awesome train thing in the Arbor. I'm not one who is interested in trains, so I brought my MP3 player in and wandered around looking at them and listening to music or the radio ( 88.1). But I'll must tell you that Noah and VJ were really into those trains. So were Dad and Mom. Mom got quite a few pics. I'll put the one train thing I liked best( the only one I liked best) first. I loved it, it's really pretty. We might do the same thing with Mom's little "snow-town" and VJ's trains and train tracks :

This one was my favorite one. I'm sure you can see why I like it.

a better picture of the one I liked best.

I need to go. I'll post more pictures of the train thing later.


By the way, VJ's still sick. His fever hasn't been checked yet( by Mom), but earlier is was about 104. something. Poor thing.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My adventures.....from this day...

well, my adventure started when I heard( or Mom heard) about this Babysitter's Training Course offered at The Ellis Academy. They have this dress code, that Dad and I share thoughts on... very boyish... and it's an girl-only school!!! I'll tell you it:
1) khaki or navy skirts, skorts,or pants
2)blues,greens,or white polo-type shirts;white polo-type shirts
3)dark knee highs, or hoes
4)black or blue shoes

And I did not have any of this. I did have a peach colored polo-type shirt, but that would not help/work. So I ended up in one of Noah's button-up shirts, and his khaki pants. I went there, but was pooped out by the time it was 1:45 pm or so. The teacher was nice though. She was Ms. Isaacs from the American Red Cross, and was a very good teacher. The class was from 10am to 4pm... a long time, 6 and a 1/2 hours. I was totally pooped out by the time it was 1:45pm or so. I was done, but I couldn't leave till 4 pm, when Mom came to pick me up. When I was home( it was about 20-30 minutes from our house... in Tony, AL.)I was more than glad to get out of Noah's clothes. Surprisingly, his clothes fit me... not that I'll wear his clothes around everywear... I prefer my own clothes better.

Noah is waiting for his turn on the computer, so I'd better let him on. Oh, and by the way, please pray for VJ. He's running a fever around 104. something,( Mom knows) and Mimi and Papa couldn't come and babysit us, they went home. Mom and Dad had also bought tickets for this new show at the theater in Bridge Street, and it ended up that Dad went all by himself. Poor Mom, she's here, but Noah and I aren't making to much trouble for her. VJ 's calm, and hot, hot, hot.
Got to go. Noah's pressing me to get off.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Church Day!!!

Oh, finally! It's church day! I love going to church. I love singing, and then doodling on a piece of paper with my friends while the sermon is going on. Then we kids play before and after in the gym across the hall from the cafeteria.

This morning the sermon was walking this way, and we had a nice time singing, Wholly Yours, God of Wonders, For all the Saints, and Abide with Me. We also had communion, or the Lord's Supper. Noah and I haven't gone through the communicants class yet, so we couldn't partake of the Lord's Supper. Neither could my friend Katy and her younger sister Sarah. So we weren't alone. We had a good time. In the gym, we had a bit of trouble with the older boys, who are 12-13. They kept taking our ball that Noah and I had brought. And then we had to get it back and that was something. Noah and I usually tackle the boy who was the ball, but this time I ended up catching the ball. Thank the Lord for that!!.

Well, I'll write more later. If you notice, this blog is now sounding like a journal. I din't really care how I end it, as long it's in a Christian way.

See ya!

Friday, January 8, 2010

More Snow!!!

Wow, I can't believe that we got snow this year!! One of my friends say that we'll have snow next year too....I hope we do. VJ is a little cold buddy, he stayed out no more than 20 minutes, when I was watching him while Noah got some school in with Mom. He was trying to get into the treehouse, and then got himself "stuck". I had to climb down beside him, then jump to the ground, about 2 feet,. Then I was able to pull him out of his " stuck"position., which was really just holding onto the middle board of the treehouse,with his feet dangling. He didn't laugh, but I thought it was funny. He was crying, and saying" I cold, I want at home"( his way of saying he wants to go inside). ANd then I was running after him to get inside,a dnthen we spent the rest of the tiem watching Kipper,this Wiggles and Bob the Builder clippets( which he made do over 1 million times). Even in the midest of watching him, I was able to do one lesson of spelling, and 1 grammar page.
sorry! got to go!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Snow, snow, beautiful snow......"

We finally got snow ! Dad got to test otu the four-wheel drive part of hsi truck,a nd VJ, Noah and i got to play with our neighbors' kids. We went over to their house, and played for hours!! I didn't even relize it till I saw the clock, and it was 4:40pm!!
got to go! Katy. sorry about this... I'll write more later....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Well, I guess it's time to leave the old 2009 behind, and go on with life in 2010!! To tell you all the truth, I am super glad that 2010 is now here. I'll be turning 12 this year!!! I don't think it will be any different than being 11, though. Because I'll still have Noah and VJ around, I'll still have to do school( execpt I'll be in a different grade; 6th grade), and I'll still be doing dance, and probably getting back into guitar lessons.

Happy New Year, everyone!! And may God bless you all!!