Saturday, April 19, 2008

Botanical Gardens

Last Thursday, while VJ was in preschool, I took Katy and Noah to the Botanical Gardens. Nana had bought us a membership and I wanted to enjoy it once without having to worry about VJ running off or falling in a pond! We had a wonderful time. The "100 year old dogwood tree" was in full bloom. Can you see K&N under its blooms? They also have a new dinosaur exhibit which is life size. The dino's are throughout the gardens. Some are quite large and obvious, and other smaller ones were discovered when looking at the plants. The butterfly house doesn't have butterflies yet(not warm enough), but we saw at least a dozen turtles in the pond at the butterfly house. Tulips were in bloom in every color imaginable. We'll be visiting frequently this year to see what's in bloom. The kids also wore their Heely's so they could skate around the pathway's.

Camouflage Cuties

Katy, VJ and Noah all dressed up in camouflage! Note the feminine color of Katy's outfit. VJ is living proof that nothing runs like a Deere!