Sunday, May 30, 2010


I've got my ears pierced; I got them done yesterday! At Merrel Norman's, in the mall...Parkway Place Mall. So far, so good....I've got them in for 6 weeks.

A before picture....

....and after!!!!

very tender ears....



We finally have pictures! I know, y'all have waited so patiently! Thank you!!
We did have a good birthday party,and a a wonderful visit with T-Bone, Stephanie,and Tytus!

I gave Tytus his last 2-3 baths.
VJ loves his garbage trucks!!!
Mimi feeding her newest grandson, Tytus.
VJ and his garbage trucks.

Blow out the candle!
VJ's birthday cake!
The little man, and the garbage can were in his gifty,
and the "4" we bought, along with the cake.
More coming soon!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, VJ!!!!

Happy Birthday little rascal! We love you dearly!
Thanks for making this family fun these past 4 years. We'll have even more fun these next years with you. I must say, it's been very interesting watching you grow up in our family...arguing with me and Noah..saying, " I go tell Mom", and marching off to the house, and everything....*sigh*.
Happy 4th Birthday, VJ! Love you so much!
You've been a joy in our family..even if you might get on my nerves( which happens a lot)!!!! You've been really creative!!!
p.s. we went swimming today, and Noah's arm is better. Haven't gotten a picture yet...I'll have to catch him by surprise!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finally Off!!

Noah finally got his cast off! After 2 months and 6 days of having a cast on, he finally got it off. He's still not used to having it off, so he's got that thing, that looks really shriveled,close to his body. And I'm stating the no one get mad at me. hehe...

I guess that's all. Now, he can start doing the normal things, but no bike riding, skateboarding, or rollerblading for two more weeks.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Slow Pictures

Sorry about being really slow on the pictures. I'm really NOT an expert on loading pictures on the computer/

OK, the news of this week. We've had a busy one, with my dance recital, and everything. My recital went fine. One girl( who I particularly love), let's call her, " Abby", fainted Saturday morning in the back dressing room. "Abby" was there on Saturday night, and did the first few dances. She was in 10( in all) dances and coaching one or two of them. Then, at her 8th or so dances( that she herself was in), she fainted again, and when she revived, was stretching at this bar that was lining the backstage( cause it was dark). She kept saying that, " I've got to do it," and " It's a trio, and I have to". "Abby" did a trio( that she and two other girls made and danced), and fainted on stage after the lights went out ( according to another girl who was on the other side of the stage when it happened and she came over to tell me). Someone got her off stage, and they went on with the show. So she didn't do the last dance, which was probably good, because it was a fast one. When I got over to the other side of the stage, "Abby" was lying on the floor with plenty of people around her, and she was saying," I ruined the show," and stuff like that." Which wasn't true, because she didn' least what I saw.
I was in three dances this year, and they were FUN!!!
Love dancing!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tytus' Visit

We had such a good visit with Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Tyrone( T- Bone) and Cuzin Tytus. (Forgive me my spelling, on "Cousin" mom....he he.) They didn't come to church on Sunday; T-Bone said that he was being a "heathen", but they missed out on one my my favorite songs, and communion! Mom stayed home with VJ, cause he sprouted up a fever on Saturday, and he has to be fever free for 24 hours to be in the nursery. BTW, the favorite song I had in there was " You alone can rescue."

We also had VJ's birthday party on Monday. VJ had his wish of having a garbage birthday party, and he got a small garbage truck from T- Bone and Stephanie, and a bigger one, with men, and actual, mini, garbage and recycling cans from Mom and Dad. He also got a " Ice Cream Play-Dough" thing from Mimi and Papa. He loves all of them.

Dad was on a work trip, for the past two weeks, and he got back around 6:35pm the same day T-Bone and Stephanie came.

School's almost done, and we've only got about 8 or so more days to finish up before we are done with our 180 days of school! I think we're probably on 172 days right now.
LCA, and BSF are done, now, and I'm SO sad that BSF is over! I loved it, and I hope my same teacher, Mrs. Cardno, is going to teach my class again! She's a wonderful Bible teacher, and I LOVE her Bible lessons. I always look forward to the weeks that she does the Bible lessons. My other teacher, Mrs. Wright, wasn't bad, but she has a different style of teaching than Mrs. Cardno has. We did the Book of John this past year,and I really enjoyed it! We're going next year, also, and the study will be in Isaiah. LCA, I haven't missed badly yet, but it's different not going to a place for 4 hours each Friday. But we're still doing school on those days!!!

Going back to Bible verses at the end of my posts!!!Sorry i haven't done them lately;

John 21: 17
" Feed my sheep."

p.s. this was our last Bible verse for the book for John.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Busy Bees

Yes, we have been running around like busy bees. Everyone's doing fine, and we've finally got the tomatoes planted in our square foot gardens. I'll take and post pictures of them later on, including the directions....which aren't too hard....if Dad will take the patience to tell me all of them.

The peppers at Lowe's are expensive!!! If I remember correctly, they are around $2.50 for one pepper! And we need 12 of them! OK, so round 2.50 up to 3,and times that by 12 and you get 36...that means $36.00 for 12 pepper plants!!

VJ's gotten into his usual mischief, such as telling the babysitter, " Mommy said I can!!" and " Yes! She did!!" when he wanted to tip the garbage can over and crawl in. BTW, Mom, Noah and I were at BSf, and we had a babysitter, for Dad was busy.

Well, I guess that's it, for all the posting we have lately. Our Aunt Stephanie, Uncle T-Bone ( his real name is Tyrone), and Cuzin Tytus are coming 9: 35pm or so...and I'm SO excited! I've waited a while for Tytus to get here, and he is now!
My dance recital is a week from Saturday! And I can't wait!!
p.s.I've got this BIG Alabama Trivia game tomorrow! And I hope it's boys against girls! We've done that a lot, and we girls have beaten the boys..even by 2 points! It's going to be on all of the info that we've covered this past year..( it's our last class). What's interesting, it that there are 7-8 boys and 4 girls!! I love it!