Saturday, April 24, 2010


I really do..the title says it all. There's going to be tornado watches this evening..I think, and WHNT says that there's a LOT of damage in Mississippi and they showed a picture, of a tree uprooted, a church building's roof damaged, and the sign blown over, and everything a mess.
Here in Madison it's all rainy, and windy. T-Storms are expected,and I hope there aren't any or warning. I hate that sound that the warning make...VJ was all scared of the thunder this morning. I'm not to afraid of that., but tornadoes...they're a different story. One time, at LCA, we were having a tornado drill, and my friend Jenny and I went to look for our art teacher. She had been in the office,and when we looked towards the door, she was standing between us and the door. She goes," I thought we had to go outside." And then, before I said anything, Noah's PE teacher, says," No, we're supposed to go into the bathroom." So we got in there. Why would anyone go outside if there's a tornado?..not that I'm hoping for one while I'm there.

i had dance pictures today, and they went fine. We got there around 12:15pm, and then were there till about 2: 05 or so. My two first dance pictures went fine, but then Mrs. Melody had the little kids that we're dancing with, do their pictures...why I don't know. Mom said that it would have been a better idea to have the older girls go they don't take as much "putting in the right place,and fixing of the hands/arms/feet.".

Anyway, that's it. If I post more, than I survived the tornado/T-storm!!! Pray for the storms this year...such stuff can get pretty wild.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bontanical Gardens.

I know, I forgot ot post about our educational field trip to the Bontanical Gardens, but sorry! here are some pictures, and they even have creative treehouses ! We only saw one, the one in the first picture:
Me, and VJ in the treehouse.

VJ had his swimming runks underneath the shirt.. and he got wet!

We fed ducks old mushy salteen crackers..and they had
a regular pinic!

Two mallards, and a turtle, enjoying the pinic!

old, Mr. Turtle

VJ loved the water rocks!!

100%~ Alabama History!!!

I got an 100% on my Alabama history test today! I had been studying for the past week, and I am so glad!!! :) Also, we have a new trouble. I didn't know, till about this past Monday, or Wednesday, that my book report for Alabama History, is due next week! I haven't even read my book! I wanted it to be on Wernher Von Braun, but it's got long chapters, and it's going to take a bit of time. So, I think that I'm going to to my report of George Washington Carver,because, 1. I've read it over and over, and 2. because it's short, and won't take long. We just got my book on Wernher Von Braun yesterday, April 22nd, and I won't have time to do the whole thing.
The test was 3 pages, and had some really hard questions, such as, " What is the chief mineral product of Alabama?" The answer is coal. " What is the chief agricultural product of Alabama?" the answer is broilers. " What is the chief manufactured product of Alabama?" the answer is chemicals. So A lot of them i knew, but the " fourth-largest city", " fifth-largest city",third- largest city", and the " leading steel center" stuff, is very confusing. But I will tel you the answers:
First- largest city, and the leading steel center: Birmingham.
Second-largest city is Montgomery.
Third-largest city: State's only seaport, Mobile.
Fourth-largest city: Rocket City USA, Huntsville.
Fifth-largest city:Tuscaloosa, the Black Warrior.
I bet y'all don't know what the Alabama Platform is about. Here's the real definition that I have memorized: " The Alabama Platform: declaring that the federal government did not have the right to prohibit settlers in the new territories from holding slaves". Easy, but sometimes tricky.

OK, now, house-hold news: We ( Mom, Noah, VJ, and I) have to take Mimi and Papa( Mom's parents) to get Papa's surgery done, outside of Huntsville. Papa has something, who knows what, and they are going to remove it. They are going to drive by here, and we are going to take them, go to the McWane Center while we wait for them to get done, eat down there, and then come home. The surgery should only take about 3 hours, but that is a bit of time. Mom said that the actual surgery should only take about 14-15 minutes, but it's the getting the medicine down, and then the recovery time, that will take up most of the 3 hours.

Well, I guess that's all the house-hold news, unless, that y'all have forgotten that Noah got his bright green( not lime green though) cast, perm. cast, and he's perfectly fine.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


OK, so Dad and I were going to go to an Appleseed Shoot but it was cancelled by me, and I wasn't feeling well. I'm not going into what I have/had but I will tell you that it doesn't feel good!

Anyway, there's other news...nice news too!
Noah got his permanent cast on Monday! It's green, I think because he wanted it to be Mom's favorite color. I thought he was going to get orange, but no! not that!
It was interesting how they set it. It wasn't Dr. Griffin who did it, but this other doctor. He had to put quite a bit of pressure on it, and Noah could still feel it Tuesday.
I've got a story to tell you:
There was this little boy who Noah made friends with. ( Let's say his name was Blake.). So Blake was in there because he had been hanging off the back of the lawn mower. He fell off and his leg got in the way of the blade,and it gave him a deep cut in his leg, from his ankle to about halfway up to his knee...he actually showed us that bandage. He said that it was so deep that you could see the bone...eww. Anyway, he would have a good job of making people laugh. So VJ told Mom ," Mommy, I go it potty." . So Mom took him,and while she was getting her purse next to me, and everything near me, Blake was making up this little song. I don't remember all of it, but it was sort of like,"He's goin to the bathroom", and that thing. I was doing spelling, so I could hide my laughing face. Noah laughed so hard, I thought he'd pass out.He laughed, and laughed so hard, and he fell out of his chair( not on his arm..though), the chair's legs hit the wall , ( loud enough so that everyone on that side of the waiting room could hear it), and everyone in that side were looking them. Blake's mom was like, "settle down, and don't rock on that chair or else you'll fall"
I hide my face behind my spelling and grammar books, but Noah had everyone looking at embarrassing.
Oh, yeah, I locked us out of the house this morning. We had to call Mimi and Pap to come and give us the spare house key, because they had the only one. I don't think that Dad was very pleased...but no swear words came out...very interesting....I witnessed plenty of them.

Well, that it's for a little bit. I'm sure that there will be more coming up. Dad got this thing for his radio( which he spends a lot of time on), hooked up, and he's on it now.
I told Mom and Dad, earlier," You know, you really do ' cross the Rubicon' when you have kids"
If you remember from when you had history, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River. He had been fighting the Celts. The Senate had told Pompey, " Tell everyone of Rome that Caesar is a traitor, and isn't loyal to Rome. You will be able to take away Caesar's power before he returns to Rome. " This wasn't easy, because Caesar's daughter was married to Pompey. Pompey wanted to by popular, and was jealous of Caesar. So Pompey told everyone just that, and sent a message to Caesar. It said that Caesar would be arrested if he stepped foot in Rome.
Pompey and the Senate were trying to get together an army of there own, but nobody wanted to fight against Caesar's army..who had fought a lot, and in different countries.
Caesar made it to the Rubicon River, and stood there for a long time..staring at the bridge. Finally he swept out his sword, and said," My enemies have forced me to do this. We will march into Rome, and let the die be cast. " And he crossed the bridge. But Pompey didn't make an army in time,and Caesar made it back to his power.
When someone is about to make an important decision, we still say, " You are about to cross the Rubicon." Crossing the Rubicon means that you are about to do something that you can't undo.
Now, I'm all caught up about this history thing. Let me tell you about Cleopatra. Some of you may know about her, and she's a very interesting charter...even though she should be shamed( our neighbor's oldest daughter told me that). She wasn't a Christian, and just reading her story will tell you right off. She had herself delivered to Caesar in a rolled up rug, interrupting his meeting. Everyone was charmed by her beauty. Caesar agreed to her request to secure her throne in Egypt, and he helped her kill her brother. Now Cleopatra married her brother. I do think that that's gross, and now a days it's be sickness and everything. So she had married her brother, and when he died, she married her other brother. Simply disgusting. For her first brother, when they reigned first together, ( and they argued a LOT), she was 18,and he was 10. G-R-O-S-S. The neighbor girl said that she'd NEVER marry her brother( who's 8 or 9, Noah's age, ), and who'd want to marry him. I didn't think that was nice, but he's not always nice to me,and I'm not always nice to him I understand. I wouldn't like to marry Noah...or VJ for that matter.

Anyway, she got in relationships with Marc Anthony, and Julius Caesar. She married Anthony, but ' dated" Caesar. Gross..again

more later.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dance dresses, and Communion...and Rooms.

Plenty of things to blog about.. Here's some pictures of our ( kids') rooms, just so y'all can see the color ,but try not to make a fuss about the mess( directly to you, Mom :) )

Noah's room, and you can tell where he has his

arm propped up every night.

VJ's room, and I took the picture of the crib, because

it's where he still sleeps. His room is yellow...

it used to be Noah's old room, ( Noah room, now, was the playroom).

A picture of a " Love is.." picture above my bed.

My room is a terrible mess, and if I were

to put a picture on here, Mom would

surely turn of me( and faint).

My " I AM" dress. It really does look like water

doesn't it??

My " When you believe" dress.
Or Hebrew Ladies' dress,
very fancy... and hot.

My Gypsy skirt. We'll have black leotard

on too.

That's it for tonight. I'll post pits on the Botanical Garden tomorrow...if I have time.
Also, Noah and I get to take our first communion tomorrow! Sorry but I haven't time to do anything for a verse.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Dance Recital!!!!

My dance recital is coming up! Finally! I've waited all year for this! This is my first year in Ballet III and pointe. Pointe is hard, especially rolling up onto pointe. I'm in three dances this year( 3, I still can't believe it!)!!!! I'm a Gypsy, after the Burning Bush( don't know exactly what I am), and then a Hebrew Lady. In pointe( the Hebrew Ladies/Girls), I am dancing with the little, pre-ballet girls, and there's only two of them, so Mrs. Melody said for them to dance with us. So my pointe class are Hebrew Ladies, and the little ones are Hebrew Girls. ( I've really grown up fast! ha ha).
Now the costumes: for the one after the Burning Bush( " I AM" is what we call it), we have this beautiful green dress; that looks like it can be used for water. And we have a flower in our hair, and then one on the bottom of the "V". Mrs. Melody said that she wants to move it, but i don't think she's noticed that it's glued, and Mom said that she doesn't want to rip the dress. My pointe dress is green on the chest, and then a puffy while skirt, and Mr.s Melody's, I think, has found someone to put on purple, as the little ones are wearing purple.
For my Gypsy dance, I'm dancing with 12 little girls, and dancing in a circle around them, doing turns( I'm not going to do their real names, for I don't know how to spell them, and y'all won't know how to say it/ know what it is). It's really hard not to "suffocate" them, as Mrs. Melody says.
If you want to hear my music, go to YouTube, and type in " Heaven's Eyes" , " When you believe", and " I Am Mark Schultz". Play the video. Heaven's Eyes,and When you believe are from the prince of Egypt.