Friday, March 25, 2011

Old Botanical Gardens photos

Noah's favorite.

VJ ( about 1 yearold)

little siblings

Elvis Presley, Nana, me, and Dad

a Tug-of-War statue
In case you haven't noticed, I've been looking through all our old photos on the computer. It's amazing to see our growth...thank God we have cameras! These are from October 14th, 2007!

Younger Boys

I found this picture, and thought it was the cutest thing. VJ was so little, Noah was younger, and Dad was...yes..younger and still had a headful of black hair( not saying he doesn't still...but you get my point).

New Countertops

our new, quartz counter tops!

we were SO happy to have them back!
We got our quartz counter tops last week. They were supposed to come last Thursday ( March 17th), but didn't. They were scheduled to come Friday morning ( which messes up Mom's alone-time/cooking/cleaning/shopping time), but had a tool-malfunction. So they came Friday afternoon...finally. We had to reschedule the plumber to put in the sink a few times, but oh well ;)
We are very happy to not have to eat on paper plates, use paper forks/spoons/knives, and etc ..anymore. If something that is necessary in your life it taken away ( aka: sewer line, counter tops and sink and for a time the hot water), you will realize how much you really need it, and TRY not to take it for granted.

Friday, March 18, 2011 and then

Doing Advent...December 2009

Christmas 2007

Family:Now and Then

Now...(2010 Christmas)

Then..( spring/summer 2007)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Friday, March 11, 2011

The REAL baby VJ.

(L to R)
Noah, Mom, baby VJ, and me

in his little carseat

His baby-shower cake

Mimi and Nana introducing him to one of his toys.

a gurggly little pumpkin

There hasn't really been many pictures to put on, and after posting the post of "baby" VJ in the baby swing, I thought I'd put some real pictures of him as a baby. I can't believe how much he's changed:

He used to not be able to:

eat himself, dress himself, move around well, talk well, and make huge messes ( compared to what he makes now).

Now, he can:

eat himself ( with messes), dress himself ( with an occasional pants on backwards, and mixedmatched socks), move around ( oh, yes), talk well ( totally), make huge messes ( take a look at his's AWFUL!)

"Baby" VJ

The other day, VJ wanted to be in the baby swing. We still have it from when he was little.