Sunday, January 30, 2011

Driveway Dig-up.

The CAT that pulled up our driveway.

Step 1: Cut the cement.

Step 2: Pull the cement up with a CAT.

Step 3: Start digging, but make sure NOT
to pull up OR cut/break the gas line!
Above is the gas line ( the yellow line)

The cement at the end is to hold the sewer line ( the
white PVC) in place.

Overall view.

Gravel goes next

Then VJ gets to sit in the CAT's seat!

We kids have all had a virus, and luckily we had our new sewer line put in then....when VJ wasn't tugged off to preschool, and making a big racket. So, yes, we got to watch. Dad stayed home for a little while, and we got to see them make a big deep hole, and jump into it once or twice. Afternoon action is what that was....expensive, of course....but fun to watch.
Look at the gravel photo. As you can see, it was only that one square that was pulled up and the ground underneath exposed. Thankfully...cause it was a big job.
We are all feeling very much better....and yes, that includes VJ. He has gotten into mischief, and everything else he does. We thankfully got to go to church today.

Cement Mixer!!

Pouring and spreading.

Pouring...a picture from inside the house.

If you know VJ, this was his delight....a real cement mixer in the yard/street in front of the house is a real treat!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Above are some pictures of the snowman we made when we had the 8 inches of snow. You might notice that he has a long carrot nose, celery eyes, and a piece of rosemary for a mouth. VJ couldn't resist and a few days ago, he got the idea into his head to smash his head in...typical little boys.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

When we drove around our neighborhood yesterday, we found this dragon. The red stuff is ( I think) tissue paper and is supposed to be fire.
Mom, Noah, VJ, and I were impressed and Dad was too when I showed him the pictures today. I can't even picture myself doing that...even the snow man ( with out a face) that I built ( with VJ trying to knock it down) isn't the best, and was hard. I'll try to post pictures of our snowmen in the next post.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Sledding" pictures

VJ found it easier to slide on his butt

We used inflatable pool boards

Couldn't be easier

All three kiddos


We tried sledding yesterday, and in some places it worked well, others it didn't. Going to the Gooch Lane park, VJ was OK, but the way back wasn't the same story. It's not easy to walk in snow, but and VJ found it harder than I did. Bundled up in snow pants, a big coat, mittens, rain boots( the only boots he had), a pair of socks, and two WalMart bags on each foot underneath the boots, means that he is heavy ( besides his regular weight). Unfortunately, Dad did not join us, or else I would take many pictures. Don't worry, you will see plenty of funny, but not embarrassing pictures of Dad on either his birthday or Father's Day ( probably both).
Noah came up with the idea of sledding in our yard. When we take pictures, if you have seen our yard, you will know where it is. Even though you do have to squeeze in some kinda sharp bushes, the rest is bumpy, slick,and makes you feel like you will break your tailbone ( you have to lay down on the flat pool thingy). We are making it feel less bumpy. The only thing is that if you make it too slick, you will slip( it was very funny to watch Noah slip and slide trying to get on the top to slide down on the pool thingy.

Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011 had snow.... the biggest since 1996

The footprints very deep

the's snowy, but
not frozen over.

VJ loved the snow

Wall Triana Hwy ( to the right)

Wall Triana Hwy( to the left)

on the opposite side of the street

The sign in front of our house


ending our walk
starting out....

Dad loved it!

I'll explain whose idea it was to ride the
bike in the snow later,
but Noah decided to give it a try.
Doing this is very unusual for Alabama
we did see some other people doing
it on our walk( pics above)
I will now explain whose idea it was to ride the bike in the snow. If you know me well, you will guess that it was me...and you are right. It was hard...but fun. I'm pretty sure ( even though it's impossible to tell yet) that we aren't going to have a big snow when I'm able to least when I'm biking through snow it good enough ( Dad doesn't want me to grow up too soon).
We've stayed out there for 2 hours..and even though Alabama doesn't get a lot of snow..2 hours is enough.