Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Church

You have probably noticed our website thing that we get on sometimes on our humble blog. Well, under the " Our Church " thing is Southwood Presbyterian,but we don't go to that church anymore. We go to this Presbyterian( the other one was Presbyterian also) church plant, starting here in Madison. It is a great church. My aunt( and uncle ) when they were here, went to our church and Aunt Stephanie said " You have a very friendly church". And a very friendly church is just what we want to be. The church's name is Valley Presbyterian. It meet at Horizon Elementary, and they are very kind to let us use their building. One of my friends, who is also the pastor's daughter, goes to school there, with her younger sister . Dad helps out with this younger daughter church, and I do PowerPoint with 2 other girls. It is great. THe building also has a gym, so we kids play in the gym before and after the service.

It is a great church.I love it, and it's close to us!!!What a great God our Heavenly Father is!
" For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world , but to save the world through Him."
John 3:16-17

Sorry, and Veterans' Museum

I'm so sorry that we haven't posted in a while. We have been busy with Christmas, school, and such.
By the way, I'm Katy.I'm 11, and Dad isn't to excited about my turning 12 this coming year either.. I've seen his " excitement" before, and this morning! I'll be the new poster. Dad said that I could be in charge of this blog. How nice of him!!
We went to the Veterans' Museum today. It was awesome. We saw many different kinds of tanks, model planes, and helicopters. 2-3 tanks and 2 helicopeters and 2-3 jeeps were outside, but many were inside. Inside there were also uniforms and guns/pistols,and knives.

Here are a few pictures Dad took while we were there...

This poor beat-up helicopter. On the little plaque
on the side it said that it had been shot up. It really does
look that way!!!!I had Dad take this picture.
I really thought it would make a great blog pic!!

Noah and me in front of a tank... painted to look like
a bear, or so it looks that way. Noah has the habit of
hugging me wildly in a photo of just us two.
I hate it. No wonder I look as if I'm trying to get away!!!

Noah fiddling with something. Probably that oldtimy telephone.Noah and I could talk across the room with those two things.. they still work!!!

An old tank, and if I remember correctly, it can still run.

Noah, Dad, and I were the only people there, and because of that,

the guy( Mr. Milton) let Noah and I get inside a tank.It was very short, height

wise. My head, it hurt.

Noah and I with another tank. Noah and his loves

.... yuck.

Noah and I in front of a unform case. Pretty interesting.
Noah still likes to hug in pictures. I can't get him out of the habit.

The museum was interesting. The reason it was only Noah, Dad and me was VJ. He's still into his usual micheif, so we didn't bring him. Mom would have loved to come, but it's Mr. Man... one of VJ's names. It's a great museum. I really liked it.
The guys there are really nice, and I can see why.. so people will come there. They can be a real tesser, though. Here is a story that I think it SO yucky.. no blood or anything....:
So I was climbing out of that tanks that is up in one of those pictures( the one that has my head hurting because the roof is so low) and asked if it could drive. Mr. Milton said it could and that I could drive it maybe when I'm 16 ( of course.. what other age younger could I drive a thing like that?). He said " Yeah, come back when you're 16 and we will put you to work. That is, if you're not into boys." And he and Dad got into a good laugh, while I just stood there and said " Boys are gross. I know, that I live with 2 of them everyday!!"
Dad says " Yeah, I said that about girls also when I was your age." Noah agrees " Yeah, girls are gross." Mr. Milton says, " you won't think that ina few years"
Just the thing to cheer me up.
Well, got to go. See ya!