Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Turtles and alligators

Reporter VJ

VJ as.... I don't know who....

Dad and VJ driving a race car

Me, doing my horrible job ( driving a race car)

Race cars at the Orlando Science Museum

Resting on a bench in our hotel room

Sleepy VJ
In case you are wondering where the first six of these eight pictures take place, they take place at the Orlando Science Museum. The last two take place in our hotel room ( Hampton Inn if you're interested. Very good hotel, and of course, free breakfast..one of the reasons Dad likes it).
So yes, we went to Orlando about three weeks ago. I didn't feel like posting anything till now, and believe me, there are PLENTY more. From the helicopter museum outside of Dothan, to the beach ( if Dad got them from his laptop to this computer), and to this science center, it's a lot. Many from the helicopter museum...different helicopters, and some airplanes. Anyways, that's a different post. ;)

As above it says, " Me, doing a horrible job ( driving a race car)". I will explain. At the museum, there was this simulated race car thing. I now see why they do not allow 12 year olds to drive ( or in that case, almost 12 year olds). How ever you say it, I now understand why they do not allow 14 and under to drive. I did HORRIBLE. Dad said I could fly a P-40 on his flight simulator here at home better than I drove that thing! The car looked unbeatable, for it never showed a sign of damage. The whole thing was on a beach, which thankfully no one was on. A race car is supposed to go fast, and there was this other car I was supposed to beat. Even though it was on the beginner level, I drove it off the roads and onto the beach, in the water, hit the sides constantly, and turned my car upside down. I know that the wheel in real cars are firmer, and have that certain texture, but that was smooth. It was too easy to turn, and the pedals were easy to push. Dad said I needed real training, but that will come all too soon for him ( after all, he will be the one teaching my in Discovery Middle's parking lot).
More pictures soon,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

12~ my new age!

November 9th ~ a blessed day! I'm 12 today! Yes, go ahead and say happy birthday!
Only 3 more years till Dad starts teaching me how to drive, and 4 more years till I get my drivers' license. Dad was a little frightened ( as I saw) at the thought, but after I said that me and Noah could be twins, or all three of us triplets ( we'd all be learning at the same time) he said that one and a time was better than two or three ( or even more) at a time.
Katy ~ now 12!