Monday, June 27, 2011

Catapult Camp

my poster

Last week I had Catapult camp, which was pretty cool. Honestly, I didn't want to go, as I had a couple of GREAT books to read. ( I'll post on those later). It turned out to be really fun and the teacher, a graduate of this past year, was really good. There was math involved...such as the mechanical advantage, but Bethany explained it great. Her Mom, Dad, and sister were a great help too. Mrs. Johnson helped with the posters and such; Mr. Johnson designed and built the catapult; and Bethany's sister helped with the speech and launching one of the catapults.
There were two catapults, but I used the smaller one, since all the kids couldn't use just the big one. I'm sorry we don't have a picture. We kids each shot it 25 times, to get our data, then with the help of technology, we graphed it...on paper and on Microsoft Excel.

If you can't read the title ( which is supposed to draw attention), it reads: Heads of enemies. Dead animals. Burning Straw. Underneath, is the whole introduction, question, hypothesis, method, discussion, and conclusion. A lot of work...if you ask me.

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