Monday, June 27, 2011

Rangers' Apprentice

The books that I described as " GREAT" in the last post, are in a series called " The Rangers Apprentice". My friend Joelle recommended it to me, and although I was hesitant to read it at first, has turned out to be a fascinating series, so far. I've finished book 6, already, and hope to read the whole entire series( 10 books total, I think). The author, John Flanagan, mixes everything that is needed in a book ( romance, fighting, reasoning, adventure, mystery and time setting), in a great way. It's set during the Middle Ages, and even though the first couple of books have what mom said was the " Grim Reaper" on them, the book is actually good.

I'd recommend it, for probably about 9-10yrs and up. It's got fighting and some bloody stuff ( no pictures), and some touching parts,...and I know some people are emotional to that kind to stuff ( I can be with movies..which is why I don't really like the theater). Mom bought the first book at Sam's, and is going to read it to Noah, and I think he will really like it. It's got a boar fight, a Kalkara fight ( the Kalkara are mean creatures that fight for someone else..who I forgot. I don't remember much about them). He will really enjoy the fighting parts...and Mom will delight in the romance. ;)

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