Monday, June 27, 2011

Sad Fact of Life

The sad fact of life is death of animals( people too, but this post is about a bird). Noah found out the hard way...finding a extremely hurt little bird, fixing a home for it, and then having to dispose of the dead little thing two days later. This little bird was hurt badly, although the picture doesn't show it. We think both its wings were broken, and one of its feet had a claw missing. Mom called Animal Services, but found it would cost something to have it put to sleep. We ended up not needing that, for it died a couple of days later. When Noah came to me the day before the poor thing went away, he asked for a picture of it. I thought he was going to cry...literally sob over it. I don't blame him..for he was attached to it.

This is a picture of the littel bird in the nest Noah

made for it.

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